Memes - Why you shouldnt ignore them.



  • Wider sentiment is neutral, but despite euphoria cooling off there is a strong sense of optimism and excitement in the air for crypto’s year ahead.


  • MEMES - Why they shouldn’t be overlooked


  • The ultimate shopping list


  • Ape Terminal and SatoshiVM

  • SEC delay BlackRock’s Ethereum ETF

  • Cornell Launch Bitcoin degree & Bitcoin club


  • Sygnum


  • Eli Regalado


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So this is pretty huge, we know firsthand the struggle of trying to advertise crypto-related products on Google and across the wider web. Whilst this change is specifically related ETFs, this move from the search giant will likely start conversations around allowing other crypto-related advertising. It’s like a domino effect. One falls, and they all follow.


  • Crypto Total Market Cap $1.56T - 24/hour change 0.21%+

  • Total Crypto Market Volume $46.28B - 24/hour change 6.38%+

    Majors - 24/Hour change

  • BTC - $41,800- Down 2.3%

  • ETH - $2264 - Down 5.7%

    Trending 24-hour

  • $MANTA -10%+ - Layer 2

  • $ALT -0.32% - Layer 2

  • $SAVM -3.3% - BTC Layer 2

    Take home message: We are still expecting choppy waters, some believe the bottom is in, though historically we have dropped slightly further. Whatever comes next, what we do know for sure is that now, most crypto assets are at a discount, and zoom out, we are heading up.

  • The wider sentiment is still neutral, but despite euphoria cooling off which frankly is a relief, we still have a strong sense of optimism and excitement in the air for crypto’s year ahead.

  • No difference longer term, we know the direction we are heading in the mid-long term. Higher. Right now, Your long-awaited pullback is here.


  • The King BTC is flirting with $39K and $40K+, wondering which one he is going to take to the ball. Following the correction we have seen, a nice relief rally has come. For traders, you may well have some marginal downside, but for the buyers and investors, it isn’t worth the risk of waiting for cheaper prices.

    Bitcoin dominance

  • Bitcoin’s dominance is holding up, but for how long, soon, we expect a retrace back, releasing alts from their shackles into a mini alt season.


  • ETH has been pushing down against BTC, but we expect this to push up. ETH/BTC we are bouncing from oversold levels with positive divergence on the RSI seen. Should this tie in with BTC dominance falling, it supports the idea for a mini Alt season around the corner.


  • Alts saw a nice bounce, in line with Bitcoin, but are still suffering since last month from a price perspective. Strong buy time, expect a decent reveal soon.


  • ETH struggling, but the Solana ecosystem continues to print. 3-10xs are not uncommon, 80% drawdowns followed by full-blown reversal moon missions are happening more often than not. Last week we shared an amazing hunting strategy in our premium section. If you haven't checked it out, it could be the best thing you read all week. 👇

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    Guide to Gem Hunting on Solana

    Anyone can use this method, it is super simple, tried and tested by us, and was able to catch these memes before they went to the stratosphere.

  • $PONKE - 20X

  • $WIF - 50X

  • $POPCAT - 30X

  • $WYNN - 25X


  • - AI Infrastructure / Autonomous agents

  • - DEPIN (Decentralised Infrastructure)

  • - RWA - Real-World Asset tokens

  • - Memes - (you’re not too good for them)

  • - Eigen Layer

  • - BTC Defi

  • - New Layer 1’s

  • - Parallelization EVM / Modular Blockchains

  • - Solana Killers

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Crypto is a narrative & trend-driven game, where attention goes, the money flows. So what’s hot?

No, you’re not too good for them. So better yet, let’s prepare for them.

Love them or hate them. Memecoins are here to stay. Far too many times in the past, we have been left sidelined holding our heavy stack of ‘Serious Crypto projects’ watching Memes skyrocket to the high heavens, printing brand new millionaires seemingly overnight.

Crypto is an attention-based game, where attention goes, and money flows. So Let’s look at why memes time and time again grab the hearts and minds of the public.

Memetics, originating from Richard Dawkins' concept of memes, explores the transmission and evolution of cultural ideas. Memes act as information units that rapidly spread through societies, influencing beliefs, behaviors, and communication. Describing memes as a "virus of the mind" emphasizes their rapid distribution and impact on the group consciousness. This concept helps us understand why memes, like viruses, adapt and mutate. Combine that with the world of crypto, which is a playground for internet culture, accelerated communication & access to information, and it becomes clear why Memes catch fire, contributing to the formation of new crypto narratives, cult-like followings, and ultimately degens max bidding.

So should you fade them this upcoming cycle? 

No. The multiples of X’s that memes achieve is no joke. Since the rise of $DOGE, memes have solidified their place in the market and will continue to help shape the crypto landscape.

So how can you navigate memes?

We believe right now Solana is the best playground for memes. The environment is low cost, and fast and the community has less built-up PTSD over the years than ETH. In other words, degens let tokens run.

What you should look for to identify a winner?

Humor, cultural relevance, Viral moments.

  • Firstly and most importantly you need to consider is the meme funny, is it culturally relevant? Take $PEPE for example, he was already a huge internet character, $GROK? named after the release of Elon’s chatGPT (Crypto loves Elon). Even today alone $TRUMP launched on Solana and has 20xd, why? The guy is a meme himself, plus he is running for president again. Memes act similar to how the wider crypto market used to 2017, they react either very positively or negatively to news. For example, if $TRUMP was announced president today in the news, you bet that the token would skyrocket, and vice versa.

Follow the front-runner

  • When $DOGE launched, you had a million other derivatives & copycats, when $PEPE launched you had Baby Pepe. $TRUMP launched today and we already have $BIDEN & $PUTIN competition for market share. Every time a successful meme coin takes hold, you will notice derivatives or beta plays of the original crop up. If you have caught the original early enough ($1-20M) Mcap and the momentum is continuing in its favor, then 9 times out of 10 it is better to play the original, as it will often outrun the derivatives. There is a caveat to this, if a meme coins get so big ($20-100M+), then beta plays, e.g. Baby Pepe to the original Pepe, can then offer crazy returns. But as a rule of thumb when excitement around a token is forming, when possible try to play the original.

Die-hard Community

  • Highly Successful meme coins are built on the unwavering belief of their communities. Without community they are nothing. The community is their ‘Value’. How to spot a Die-hard community? Memecoin community headquarters reside within telegram. Diehard communities are unfazed by short-term price action. They don’t moan or turn on each other, in fact, a dip in price is like pouring petrol on their fire, they rally together, push harder on socials & get creative with community-generated content. When the market sees a community can survive aggressive dips, it gives confidence to wider participants to jump on board the rocket.

  • Be wary when communities turn toxic & fud spreads. 99% of the team when a community turns sour, so will the price of the token.

Monitor the momentum

  • Momentum is crucial in memes, how to measure it?

  • Posts on X should be frequent, ideally every 1 minute it’s good to see a new tweet/post come through when searching the ticker

  • Is there a diverse spread of accounts on X. You want to see multiple legit accounts posting not bots, or the same person posting repetitively posting out of desperation.

  • Look for new community-made content being shared.

  • Are influential accounts picking up on the meme?

  • Is trading volume increasing? Volume increasing good, Volume decreasing bad.

  • Are dips being swallowed up with ease? These tokens in the early stages are highly volatile, but if drops in price are getting swallowed fast, it shows traders are ready and waiting on the sidelines for entry.

Team effort and activity

  • Whilst the success of meme projects comes down to the community, it is important to know the founding team is by their side.

  • Check for the activity of the team, are they hosting spaces on X, are they active in the telegram?

  • Check that they have strong moderators in place within telegram to keep out bad actors looking to cause FUD.

  • If the team is open, willing to answer questions, and act on community wishes, its a good sign.

  • Other things to look out for is the level of work they have put into the website, Twitter, and outward-facing comms, a high level of effort, and attention to detail demonstrates the team is in it for the long run.

Be wary of community takeovers

  • Community takeovers take place typically when a team or developer has decided to rug or give up on a project.

  • Community members who are down badly on their bags attempt to take over the token, with new socials, and a new telegram to pump the price back up.

  • In some cases, these work, but our experience shows us that most do not. The momentum is lost & traders partake in them often to get out of their positions at breakeven, using new entrants as exit liquidity.


Ape Terminal and SatoshiVM- A tale of mistrust

At a glance 🔎
  • Ape Terminal is a launchpad of new projects and SatoshiVM was a recent launch which had huge hype surrounding it.

  • Advisor to SatoshiVM, MacnBTC, has claimed that Ape Terminal scammed investors ahead of the IDO (Initial distribution offering)

  • It is alleged that 200,000 wallets had applied to win the IDOs and 10 winners would be chosen per IDO. All winners were the Ape Terminal team who also took a 25% fee.

  • The IDO peaked at a 30,000% return before settling at 15,000% before the FUD began causing the value to drop to $6.28

  • Ape Terminal has denied the claim and said that MacnBTC sniped liquidity and gave tokens to his friends profiting $10m in a day from $SAVM sales.

  • MacnBTC has denied this and said he was threatened with defamation.

  • Rug_ai has published an analysis claiming the SatoshiVM team netted nearly $4.7m and MacnBTC’s friends walked away with $15.2m

  • SatoshiVM has said there is a lot of misinformation being spread and they will open-source its research paper as part of a transparency measure.

  • ZachXBT, resident Crypto detective, stated both Ape Terminal and MacnBTC are guilty of acting dishonestly towards their users/followers

🕵️ Scoops take:

What a mess, we actually have our own he said, she said dilemma.

The worrying thing for every potential investor is that 200,000 wallets entered and should it transpire the IDO was rigged, where does this leave our faith in future projects?

This one has a long way to go, so be prepared for more of the he said / she said but the early analysis does show both sides have made a few dollars out of this.


A wise man once said. “Give a man a fish, he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, he will eat for a lifetime.”


So easy it should be illegal.

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  • Anyone can use this method, it is super simple, tried/tested by us, and was able to catch these memes before they went to the stratosphere.

  • $PONKE - 20X

  • $WIF - 100X

  • $POPCAT - 30X

  • $WYNN - 25X

  • $MYRO - 100X

SEC Delay BlackRock’s ETH ETF - Any excuse to prevent the inevitable

At a glance 🔎
  • Following the Bitcoin ETF approval, BlackRock anticipated that the ETH ETF application would be approved quickly.

  • The SEC has said that they need a longer period to consider the proposed rule change” so have designated March 10th 2024 as the new date.

  • SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce has said they will likely apply the Bitcoin precedent and not seek court battles to approve the products.

🕵️ Scoops take: 

A slight contradiction from the commissioner, or are we just being impatient?

Forbes has said that the Bitcoin ETF has forever altered the global monetary system as it is extremely difficult for the U.S. to ban the asset. So we all want this to get a move on!

Everyone can see that the ETH ETF is going to follow so the delays to the inevitable are frustrating but in the grand scheme of things, there is no way that it won’t be approved.

I guess we all just need to bide our time with this one.

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Cornell launch Bitcoin degree & Bitcoin Club - Another Step to Global Acceptance

At a glance 🔎
  • The pioneer behind this is Ella Hough, a student at the University,

  • This is the first time the University has allowed a Bitcoin-focused degree to be obtained by a student.

  • Ella has also set up an official Bitcoin club for students at the University to support and inspire college and high school students to get involved with Bitcoin.

    🕵️ Scoops take:

We shared last week how the number of Crypto users continues to grow and here is the other side of that positive increase…GLOBAL ACCEPTANCE.

At a time when the Bitcoin ETF gets approved, we are now starting to see traditional institutions adapt to the times of tomorrow.

As we said, those who don’t want to adopt will be left behind and Cornell clearly got the FOMO and made sure they kept up.

If you need any further proof that global acceptance is happening, Google has just announced that Bitcoin and Crypto ETF ads will be allowed from the 29th of January 2024.

Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

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Crypto bank, Sygnum, has raised $40m.

Following the latest funding round, the bank has said its valuation now sits at $900m.

The latest injection of funds is to allow the bank to enter new markets and grow existing products.

They brought in more than the anticipated $35m so it is a credit as to what they have done and where they are going.


Eli Regalado

Colorado Pastor, Eli Regalado, has found himself in the heat of a Crypto Scam.

He is accused of pocketing $1.3m from his followers after he said God told him to launch a Crypto venture.

He and his wife launched the cryptocurrency INDXcoin and began selling it to members of his church and other communities in the Denver area on a marketplace he created, controlled and operated.

More than $3.2m was raised from over 300 investors with the pitch being filled with prayers and quotes from the bible.

Instead of assisting the investors, Eli and his wife used $1.3m of the funds to bankroll the purchase of a Range Rover, Jewellery, cosmetic surgery, holidays and renovations to the home. Eli has said that “the lord told us to do so” regarding the home renovations.

As it transpired, the coin was not backed by assets and had no market or interest for it, so it was effectively worth $0.00.

Investors were convinced that the coins were valued at $10-$12 and were purchased for anything between $0.01 and $1.50.

When no returns were coming, Eli said that investors had to wait for God’s plan to unfold. “What we’re praying for, and what we’re believing for still, is that God is going to do a miracle. God is going to work a miracle in the financial sector and everyone who invested is going to be able to receive money back.”

Unfortunately for Eli, a court hearing is scheduled for Monday 29th of January.

It’s not only God who is judging you, Eli.


Feast your eyes on the delights, surprises & Alpha below.

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Each label below shows you what type of Sol coin it can identify. The preset filters include certain parameters for volume, liquidity, & pair age. These help filter out the noise & identify Sol tokens with moonshot capability.
Out of the Sol tokens that the filters find, your goal is to pick the strongest runners. Bear in mind, that most of these do well. But some will perform better than others.
Avoid FOMOing into huge green candles, if one runs, they often give you chances to get in on retracements. For example, one of the filters may have caught a token at $50k mcap then $100K mcap, and it is now $400K mcap and you think it looks really strong. Avoid FOMOing into huge green candles, if one runs, they often give you chances to get in on retracements.
These tokens will move fast, and some will have very short shelf lives. Perfect vehicles to multiple you Solana, but be aggressive with profit-taking and leave moon bags to capture maximum upside on the tokens that decide to run 50-100X.
Out of the tokens the filters identify, you want to see them tick the following boxes
  • Is there strong hype on Twitter (Multiple accounts posting)

  • Are there degen callers posting? Typically with 1k-15k followers (Note the earlier you find a token the less talked about it will be on Twitter.

  • Is the meme a new category or is it a beta play / (Copy cat) of an already successful meme?

  • For example, Let’s say $PONKE has run up to $60 Million, and now $DONKE is released and it is $200K market cap, If this is the first ‘Beta’ play of $PONKE, there is a strong chance that people who missed $PONKE want some action with $DONKE.

  • Has effort been put into the logo, website & design of the memes? (You will get a feel for this in no time)

  • Solana - Ultra Degen Preset (Will find the earliest tokens possible with moon potential - $50K-100k mcap) - Ultra high risk.

  • Solana - $100K+ Degen Preset (Will find early tokens with moon potential at $100K+ mcap) - Very High risk.

  • Solana - Dip Seeker Preset (Will help to identify tokens that have already had a run, but are on a major discount, and ready for the next run) - The least risky.

    Don’t forget to bookmark these links, and name them for clear and easy access.

  • Solana - Ultra Degen Preset (Will find coins at $50K-100K Mcap with good volume)

  • Open the browser, and periodically check the page for new entries. Any time a new Solana coin launches and hits our set preset filters It will enter the box as you can see below.

  • The tokens you can see above like ‘Morpheus, Anita, & Ponkebonk, have hit all our parameters.

  • What’s great about these set filters is that you will only see a few coins pop in there throughout the day, cutting through all the noise & catching those with real moon potential.

  • Note that once a coin exceeds a $100K market cap it will flow through into the next preset filtered search ‘Solana - $100K+ Degen Preset’ as this filter catches tokens $100k market cap or above

  • Once you have the coins in the box, as shown above. Click on the token page, on dexscreener and copy the contract address.

  • Paste the contract address into Twitter, this will likely bring you to Twitter posts of people talking about the coin & also sharing the specific token ticker, for example, $ANITA. This will give you a feel for what the community is saying about it. Look for any ‘decent’ degen shillers posting, Are there funny memes? Does the Token Twitter page & website look good? Is it part of the trending narrative?

  • A lot of this will become second nature with a few days of practice, and soon you will have a sixth sense of what has the potential to run.

  • Solana - $100K+ Degen Preset (Will find early tokens with moon potential at $100K+ mcap) - Very High risk.

This preset works in the same way as the one discussed above, it just will present them to you at $100K, rather than $50K.

  • Solana - Dip Seeker Preset (Will help to identify tokens that have already had a run, but are on a major discount, and ready for the next run) - Less risky

To use the Dip seeker preset, Double click on the 1-hour tab at the top of the token list, this will order the tokens, from biggest dips to smallest dips. If you see a token with high volume, that is being shilled heavily on Twitter with a strong community and it has dipped 80%, this is the perfect chance to scoop some up, as it is likely the community will run it back turbo.

To trade shitcoins like a pro we recommend using Bonk Bot. Bonk Bot is Solana’s first telegram trading bot which makes trading a breeze, you open the bot directly in Telegram, follow the simple steps and you will soon have a Solana address directly within your telegram wallet you can load up with $SOL and use to trade.

Buying tokens within Bonk Bot is as easy as copying and pasting the contract address into the telegram chat bar, which then brings up the token with options for how much you want to buy.

Utilizing trading bots makes trading fast, and mobile, whilst also displaying your profit & loss on each trade. You can follow the steps via the website link below for a full guide.

Bonk Bot Trading Bot

That’s it, folks. Ensure you practice, and treat it like the gym, you need to get your reps in, and you will improve each day, trial and test out with low amounts of capital to begin with.

Happy hunting. Let the fun begin.